Monday, 5 May 2014

End AliExpress Buyer Protection to Claim Shipping Refund

This was the new twist to the saga. In order to claim a shipping refund for the faulty item, we had to Open A Dispute with AliExpress. Once the shipping refund was paid to us, there will be No More Buyer Protection. ETV would only send out a replacement after we agreed to the termination of Buyer Protection. If ETV Technology gave us another faulty replacement, or if the item failed to arrive, we would have No Claim whatsoever.

We were of course concerned. We asked Ellen Xi why they told us not to open the dispute in the first place. In our mind, if we had done so, the case would have been resolved much faster. Ellen Xi explained that “it is not good for us that the dispute pending for long time, the store would be closed for high rate dispute pending.” As was obvious, Ellen Xi's only concern was the reputation of ETV Technology. Ellen Xi did not care about the long delay and was not bothered about how customers felt in having to wait months for an item.

We were forced to accept the payment of the shipping cost only, and to terminate the AliExpress Buyer Protection even though ETV had not sent out a replacement set. We had no choice. The only assurance was Ellen Xi's words that “if the tv box canot work the online tv after delivery, we would like to bear the shiping cost for you to send it back. and refund the full amount to you via paypal.” As buyers, we were left high and dry. We had been tricked. If we had opened a dispute case when we received the faulty item, we would have claimed a full refund. Instead, after having wasted more than a month, we could only claim a shipping refund, and were left at the mercy of ETV Technology to send a replacement with No Buyer Protection. That was the worst customer experience we ever had with any online seller.

Ellen Xi (5 May):

1. the dispute pending is not good for us, but the refunding on aliexpress is only to via dispute.

2. what is more, the shiping cost is also able to be sent to your paypal address.

3. we notice you not to open the dispute earlier, because the package not yet delivery, it is not good for us that the dispute pending for long time, the store would be closed for high rate dispute pending. you might not understand about it. but we would like to explain .

4. for dispute amount, please just fill in the shipping cost of 16.1$.

after refunding, we will inform you , and will arrange shipipng of the new original replacement.

Ellen Xi (5 May):

what is wrong with you , did you misunderstanding we not send you the replacement ?

Me (5 May):

As you wanted, the dispute is now opened. You kept talking about how it was not good for your company for dispute to be pending. In all the messages, you had never considered how a buyer would feel. You wanted us to be kind to you, but are you kind to your buyer? No. You made us go through all the trouble and long wait. We videotaped the packing and return at the Post Office. Yet, you insisted in waiting to receive the package. After receiving it a week ago, you now want us to wait longer for you to process the dispute, and even longer to have the replacement set. We paid for the item more than a month ago, and have nothing todate.

Me (5 May):

What do you mean "what is wrong with me." You refund me the shipping cost and send me the replacement set immediately. If I do not receive it, I will want a full refund of the item cost. Is that wrong? Are you saying you will take another year to send me a replacement? Surely there must be a committed timeline. You kept delaying and giving me all the excuses for not replying to my messages.

Ellen Xi (5 May):

1. open the dispute, choose the amount of the shipping cost,

we will agree with the refunding of the shiping cost, then the new replacement would be shipped out tongiht or tomorrow morning.

2. for return processing time of the package. the package stuck in the customs and the post office not send it in time. it is not in our control.

before shiping, we should at least get your agreement before shiping . and the shiping cost should be refunded to you.

we just want to refund you the shipping cost from singapore to china, after money refunded, we send you the replacement package.

Ellen Xi (5 May):

we just wanna refund your shiping cost before new replacement shiping. what is misunderstanding ? it is so simple.

Me (5 May):

As you had stated. Refund me the shipping cost in full now, and send out the replacement unit by tomorrow morning. Please give me the tracking information by tomorrow morning.

Do note that if I receive the replacement set and it is still not in working condition, I will have every right to start this process of claim again. You would note that the set you received from me was exactly in the same condition as I had received from you, nothing was missing. I am honest, and I hope you are.

Ellen Xi (5 May):

it is long term business of us on the aliexpress. dishonest is not our way to sale product.

please accept the shiping cost, then we will arrange shiping for you immediately.

after shiping company pick it up, we will notice you about the tracking number here.

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