Monday, 5 May 2014

Returned Android TV Box to ETV Technology

We videotaped the entire process of packing the item for return as well as the transaction at the Post Office. We forwarded to Ellen Xi the YouTube videos and even asked if she required further proof that the item was mailed to them. She refused to reply. ETV Technology would not trust that the item was sent to them until they received and examined it. Only then would they consider sending out a replacement set.

Me (11 April):

Hi. Thanks for your reply.

This is how it will work. I can send it first thing tomorrow morning and give you the tracking info plus the photos of the receipt and item.

Can you immediately send a replacement to me to reach me by next weekend. If you are not satisfied, tell me what proof you need, like us having to videotape the whole process at the postal office? Because to wait for you to receive and then send me would take too long.

Me (11 April):

Please confirm that you will send the replacement immediately upon receipt of the proof I mentioned ie. tracking info, photos or receipt and item. What other proof do you need?

We have checked with Aliexpress and the internet users. Your interpretation of the condition for refund is not correct.

Under your clause "4 We will bear all the shipping cost if the product(s) is (are) not as advertised." You advertised a working TV box, and it was NOT working when we received it. You should bear all shipping costs.

According to other netizens, even if the item is working but buyer has other reasons for wanting to return it, you have stated in clause "1 Shipping cost is bear by both seller and buyer in half."

You are wrong to say that you would not bear the shipping cost from Singapore to China. We can ask Aliexpress and internet forums again.

Me (11 April):

We have mailed the item back to you at your stated address this morning (12 April, 9.48am). The YouTube videos are attached:-

1. Video of contents and packing of item for Return to China
2. Video of postage paid and transaction at Singapore Post
The item was sent via normal registered air mail through Singapore Post. Postage paid was $16.10. Tracking reference was RC622845955SG.
Please refund me the shipping cost and send me the replacement set immediately without delay. Thanks.

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