Monday, 5 May 2014

Dragging, Delays and No Replies from ETV Technology

This was the start of another lengthy wait. Ellen Xi dragged the case, taking a week to reply when she said she would do so in 2 hours. The excuses given for the delays and no replies were not supported by facts from the Chinese embassy website. From the internet, it seemed that this was a common strategy by some Chinese companies. There was no need for them to act fast. If they could frustrate buyers enough, perhaps buyers will agree to take a partial refund and forget about the whole matter.

Even when the item was physically received by ETV Technology, Ellen Xi took one week to confirm their next course of action.

Me (15 April):

I have sent you evidence of video footage showing the packing of the item and return transaction at the Post Office. Please confirm that you have refunded me the shipping cost and sent me the replacement set immediately without delay. Thanks

Ellen Xi (15 April):

dear friend, please wait a moment, i will confirm it in 2 hours.

Me (16 April):

Hi. You said you would reply in 2 hours. It is now 2 days. Even when you said on Apr 11 that it was Qing Ming, your China embassy website said Qing Ming was on Apr 5. Please do not drag and delay any further.

Me (21 April):

It has been one week. Please reply.

Me (1 May):

It is now almost a week since you received the item. And more than a month since I paid for the item. How long more do you want to drag this?

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