Monday, 5 May 2014

Android TV Box EKB311B Dead on Arrival DOA, Upgrade firmware

We received the Android TV Box on 7 April 2014 (3 weeks after payment). The set had all the required accessories.

We set it up. The Android TV Box could not work! There was No Signal! We connected the HDMI cable to our LED TV and later to our LED Computer Monitor. Both showed the same results. No signals were received from the TV box.


Me (7 April):

Hi. We just received the item an hour ago. When we tested it, we could not get it to work.

We uploaded the YouTube video here:-

We inserted new batteries. Pressed and held the power button on the remote. No response. We had to press the button on the console itself. The light turned from red to blue. But no signal on TV. The TV had already been programmed to receive HDMI input.

Would appreciate your guidance please.

Many Thanks.

Ellen Xi (7 April):

for the turn on / off, please press the on / off button of the tv box directly. the remote controller is not work that. can you test again the device on a computer ? because it shows the power light bluetoot is normal on the device.

if not work on another HDMI TV , computer, please let me know.

we would like to provide a free replacement for you. even bear the shiping cost from singapore to china.

Me (7 April):

Hi Ellen. Thank you for your very quick reply. We have tested it on another screen, as you had suggested. This time, we connected it to a Samsung Full HD Monitor. No signal was received. The YouTube video:-

For privacy reasons, the YouTube vids were unlisted, and were not available for public search.

We asked people on an online forum for their help and experiences with such TV boxes. The general comment was that even without the remote control, once the set is turned on, there should be at least a main interface on the screen. Would be grateful for any help from you in getting it to work.

Thanks so much!

Me (8 April):

Hi Ellen. Perhaps you could show your technicians the YouTube vids. If they have any advice on what I can do to get it working, I would truly appreciate it. Sorry to trouble you. We are not experts in such things and can only hope to seek your assistance. Thanks!

We were told to upgrade the Android TV Box firmware. For that, we had to buy a mini USB to USB cable since it was not included. A lot of time was taken to download the huge file and meticulously follow their instructions.

Ellen Xi (9 April):

please try to upgrade teh firmware by below link

Link for the quad core rockchip driver

link for the steps of how to download

after upgarding the firmware , please kindly let me know the results

Me (9 April):

Hi Ellen. Thanks for the links. The so-called steps only showed how to download. We have downloaded the big 350MB+ file and the other tool. We unzipped them onto a thumb drive. Inserted the thumb drive into the box. Nothing happened.

We linked the box to our computer. The big file was just "update.img" and we do not know what to do with it. We ran the tool, and our anti-virus program stopped it for some reason.

My wife and I are not tech-savvy. We spent an hour trying to do this. Would be grateful if you could provide some instructions. Or we will have no alternative but to get a replacement. Please understand. I'm sure you have older relatives and family members who are not IT experts. They will be as lost as we are. :(

Ellen Xi (9 April):

we have sent the upgarde guide to your email just now, please kindly confirm it.

Me (9 April):

Thanks for your instructions. We went out to buy a miniUSB to USB cable since we did not have one, and it was not provided in the box.

We followed your well-written steps and the guide and managed to update the firmware. The image on the screen is here:-
However, when we connected the box to the TV and the computer monitor, the results were the same. There was no signal received.
You would agree that we have done our very best to help. We noticed that your other buyers did not have such problems, having to do so many things with their new item. Are we the only ones who are made to do all these things? We believe that a replacement would be the next best course. Please advise.

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