Monday, 5 May 2014

ETV Technology said Don't Open AliExpress Dispute

Tried as we might to get it to work, the TV Box was faulty. Under the rules of AliExpress, we could open a dispute and make a claim. We informed Ellen Xi, and were told Not to open a dispute. Out of kindness to them, we did not. On hindsight, we regretted listening to Ellen Xi. We should have opened a dispute right away to move things along. Ellen Xi dragged her feet, took a long time to reply, gave excuses that were unsupported by facts, and started to turn rude and nasty as her replies showed.

Me (10 April):

In accordance with Aliexpress' instructions, we will be opening a case. We have exchanged several emails with you since Apr 7. We had written to you within an hour of receiving the item from the postman. We tested it on a TV and a computer monitor. There was no signal detected. The remote control could not work too. We had shown you the 2 YouTube videos.

Your technician had advised us to upgrade the firmware. We bought a mini USB cable just for that. We followed the instructions and upgraded. However, when we connected the box to the TV and monitor, the results were the same. No signal was detected. Like you, we were disappointed after having spent hours attending to that.

As explained, we had tried our best to help. It is unfair for us to put in any further time or expense. There are many sellers selling such CS918/EKB311B boxes. Yours was certainly not the cheapest. We had bought from you because of your good track record and positive feedbacks from other users. For a long time, my wife and kids had also bought through their Aliexpress accounts various items from other sellers. So far, all the other transactions were smooth.

We understand that items do get faulty for whatever reason either at source or during transit. Hope you also understand that we are the innocent party here, paying for an item that can't work upon receipt.

Ellen Xi (10 April):

please dont open the dispute for us.

as the shiping cost for the tv box be sent back from singapore, we would like to bear it for you after the package arriving in China.

Me (10 April):

Hi. Can I clarify how this works? You want us to send item back to you, and how are you going to pay us for the shipping cost? How are we to be assured that you will send a replacement to us? Shouldn't opening the case be the right course of action?

Ellen Xi (10 April):

1. I have extent the delivery date for you. it is time enough for you to send it back to china, and receive the second package from china to singapore.

there is 66 days for your order protected. if the package canot be delviery in 66 days. you can open the dispute at the end of the date.

2. if the tv box cannot be delivery sucessfully, you can open the dispute in in the 66th day.

can you understand ?

Me (10 April):

Yes, I can understand English perfectly. You have not answered my question. How are you going to pay me for the shipping cost? To my credit card? Do I need to get you a receipt from the postal agency? When will you effect the refund? What if you don't?

Hope you understand that these are the questions anyone will raise because there is no detail provided by you. Not even your shipping address. Please let me know the details and I will consider.

Me (10 April):

Appreciate your immediate reply to my earlier questions:-

1. How are you going to pay me for the shipping cost? To my credit card?

2. Do I need to get you a receipt from the postal agency?

3. When will you effect the refund? What if you don't?

4. What is your address to be shipped to?

It would take many days before you receive it, unless I send it via FedEx. Since the process is so long, I would want to claim a full refund. If I buy one from another seller today, I could receive it much earlier.

Me (11 April):

Hi. We have waited a day for your reply to our questions. Please reply and confirm that you will make the full refund to us. If we place an order through another seller today, we can probably get the box in time for the Easter holiday next Friday. Please don't spoil our holiday too. Regards

Ellen Xi (11 April):

please send it by post way,

the shiping by fedex / dhl will cause the customs problem in china, the customs will stop the package.

Me (11 April):

Hi Ellen. We asked you so many questions and you did not answer them. We will NOT send it unless you confirm the mode of payment of your reimbursement of our shipping cost as well as the FULL REFUND. If we do not get answers, we will be forced to open a dispute case as the last resort.

Ellen Xi (11 April):

it is QingMing Festival for 3 days. I am not in office today.

can you accept to send it back for a new replacement or think about partical refunding ?

NOTE: According to the Chinese website, Qing Ming was much earlier, on Apr 5. This was one of ETV's many excuses for not replying to our messages.

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